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Our Salute to Movember: The Best US Chef Taches

You’d think being a brunette, I’d find it easier to grow a ‘tache. All I’ve ever mustered is a bit of down, and it ultimately ends up just looking like a bit of a nose shadow. Ah well, the pains of being a woman.

Just for a bit of Movember fun, I’ve scouted out the five best mustaches in the American culinary world. Here we go, in reverse order…

5. Isodoro Gonzalez


Owner of La Super-Rica Taqueria, one of Julia Child’s favourite places to eat.

4. Paul ‘Chef Paul’ Rut


Firefighter and winner of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’.

3. Justin Wilson


Pronounced ‘Juh-ston Wil-sahn’. The Cajun counterpart to Keith Floyd. I’d hate to think who drank more wine.

2. Ettore ‘Chef Boyardee’ Boiardi


Founder of one of America’s most recognisable food brands, Chef Boyardee.

1. James Beard


Somewhat ironic that the top mustache is a Beard. One of America’s greatest chefs and food writers. Legacy is twenty books and the James Beard Foundation, a champion of the American culinary tradition.

From a Mo Sista to her Mo Bros, get checked. While my husband’s father survived prostate cancer, his brother did not. The difference? One simple visit to the doctor. Visit the Movember website for more information.


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