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Overview: Thanksgiving Week near the Poverty Line


These are times of austerity and governmental failure. With this in mind, I wanted to understand what it would be like for a family of two to get by on as little as £10 (US$16) a week for food – just slightly above the poverty line. I wanted to see if it would be possible to even celebrate Thanksgiving (or in the UK, a turkey dinner on Christmas).

The answer is yes, but just. Affording as little as £2.20 in diced turkey meat means reducing a daily caloric intake to around half of what those older than 8 require. What I could have, however, was surprisingly good, so I’ve included the recipes as inspiration. It’s broadly US in focus (in keeping with the theme of this site), but all recipes have been adapted for UK kitchens.

Prologue >

Thanksgiving explained and a bit more background on this week

Shopping list >

What I bought for £10

Menu >

What I ate on £10

Recipes >

What I cooked during the week

Lessons >

More on what I learned, including how to make the most of £10, what to consider donating and myths that need to go

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